Uncapped MTN Fixed LTE Plans

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Q: What Kind of router do I need for MTN's Fixed LTE plans?

A: The following routers are the only ones currently compatible with MTN’s Fixed 4G & 5G network as of writing:

a) Billion BiPAC 8206 AZ
b) Huawei B525
c) Huawei B535-932
d) Huawei B612
e) Huawei B618
f) Huawei B818-263
g) VIDA CPE4000-Pro
h) ZTE 5G CPE MC801A
i) ZTE MF286c

You will need one of the MTN-Compatible routers mentioned above in order to access MTN’s network.

Q: What Kind of router do I need for Vodacom's Fixed LTE plans?

A: The following routers are the only ones currently compatible with Vodacom’s Fixed 4G & 5G network as of writing. Fortunately, the list is more expansive here than with MTN:

a) TP Link MR600
b) ZTE MC801A
c) ZTE MF286R
d) ZTE MF286C1
e) Huawei Sharelink B525S-65A
f) Huawei Sharelink B612-233
g) Huawei Sharelink B612S-25D
h) Huawei Sharelink B618S-22D
i) Huawei Sharelink 5G CPE PRO2
j) Huawei Sharelink B535-932
k) Nokia Sharelink Fastmile 5G Gateway
m) Alcatel Linkhub HH72v

You will need one of the Vodacom-Compatible routers mentioned above in order to access their network.

Q: What is a Fixed (4G/5G) data plan, and how is it different from the Mobile data plans?

A: Mobile data plans are month-to-month, SIM-only plans much like our MTN Fixed Data plans, but this type of SIM-only product allows you to use the SIM in your phone or any 4G or 5G router as well. Additionally, unlike with MTN’s Fixed Data network, Mobile data plans are motile, so you are not fixed to any one location (but you will still only get coverage in so far as you can be covered). The main surface-level difference between Mobile data plans and Fixed Data data plans is that Mobile data is more flexible and accessible.

Q: What speed will I get?

A: There is no way to predict what your speed will be because your speeds are not going to be 100% consistent throughout the day let alone day-to-day, however, the quality and build of your device will help you to determine the highest speeds possible for you to get. Phones and Tablets that are 5G-compatible are naturally going to get better speeds than older, cheaper 3G phones because they are far more efficient in acquiring signal. High-quality routers such as CAT6 routers are going to perform much better than, say, a cheap pocket router. The area in which you live and its coverage as well as the weather, speed boosting accessories, and the physical obstacles for signal all can have an affect on your speed. As difficult as it can be to explain, the speed you get is inevitably going to be principally affected by the hardware and accessories you have, your location and its many geographical/spatial variables, how many devices you have connected accessing the network through your single router or smartphone because every device has limits to its bandwidth, and then there are the smaller things such as, for example, nearby signals operating on the same frequency as your device, affecting your signal.

Q: Why is the answer to "What speed will I get?" so complex?

A: That would be because determining the speed that you will get at any point in time is a complex science that no machine or person can calculate exactly.

Q: What do I do when I have run out of data?

A: After you run out, you can either top-up your data for the month (email us at [email protected] for more information on top-ups or to top up), or you may wait until the first of the following month for your data to be refilled. You will not be billed unknowingly.

Q: Why do I have to email you for my usage statistics?

A: The network providers’ backend is not yet accessible enough for us to create an application through which you may request your usage statistics via a client portal. We are just as shocked that this has not been done as you are, but you will have to email us for the time being because usage statistics are only accessible via the back-end of your SIM profile. Do not confront the network providers themselves; they may not have access to your profile, but they can still do irreperable damage if they were to, say, try to load data onto it.

Q: Can I use my data anywhere and everywhere?

A: This depends on whether you are looking at purchasing a Mobile data plan or Fixed LTE data plan. For Mobile SIMs, this can be done, but Fixed LTE SIMs (this is specified in each plan’s description) require that you email us to update the address at which you will be using your data because the SIM is locked to one address at a time. If you attempt to use your data at a new address without notifying us, then your SIM will be locked automatically by MTN.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

A: Yes, you can. We only ask that you give us at least five-days notice of your wish to be upgraded/downgraded. To do either, please email us at [email protected] to begin that process.

Q: What happens if I do not pay or pay too late?

A: While we can sympathise with the hurdles that life presents us, we cannot accept regular late payments or missing payments. We have to buy our data at the beginning of the month as per our service providers and partners’ conditions. Multiple consecutive late payments will unfortunately result in the deactiation of your SIM and potential termination if you do not communicate with us beyond the 5th of the month. The payment of the month’s data will still be due in full since we had already purchased your allocation of data for the month. A SIM Replacement Fee of R195 may be applicable in the event that your profile’s suspension becomes permanent. If you do not believe that you will be able to pay on billing dates, or you feel that you would like to cancel, thens do let us know! We are always willing to work something out wherever possible, and there are special circumstances in which we can be lenient.

Q: Can I use the Mobile Data SIMs in my LTE router?

A: If your router is indeed LTE or even 5G, then yes, you certainly can!

Q: Does the data carry over month-to-month?

A: No, the data expires on the last day of the month if not used up already and then resets on or around the first day of the next month hence the monthly billing cycle.

Q: What is Network roaming?

A: Our LTE Data plans are limited to their own networks (e.g. MTN Mobile only allows you to get on MTN’s 4G or 5G Networks, MTN’s Fixed LTE plans only allow you to get on MTN’s Fixed LTE network, et al.). Network roaming is an allowance by the provider (e.g. MTN) that permits literally roaming on to other networks if the signal from the other nework is strong enough. At the moment, none of the major network providers are ambitious or well-organised enough to make deals with one another for the betterment of society.

Q: To which data provider will I be connected? Can I choose?

A: This depends on your plan of choice. If you see either MTN or Telkom specified in the plan’s description, then the network on which you will be placed is guaranteed; however, if there is no mention of any one network, then the provider to which you are connected is dependent on which provider we believe will best suite you.

Q: Do Unlimited Plans with no FUP specified have an FUP?

A: This depends on who is asking the question. While there is no official Fair Use Policy in place, we maintain the right to eyeball whether a service is being abused or not. We love to get people online and learning, but there is a such thing as overuse. If the network is ever used excessively, then we will recommend that the client move to a plan that allows for heavier data consumption, so they do not raise the price of data for everyone else. For most people, perhaps 99.99% of you, this will never be necessary. In fact, this has yet to be done.