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Our Mobile Data Plans

Q: What is a Mobile Data plan, and how is it different from LTE Wi-Fi?

A: Mobile data plans are month-to-month, SIM-only plans much like our LTE products, but this type of SIM-only product allows you to use the SIM in your phone. Additionally, (with Telkom Mobile Data plans only) you can get a finite amount of All Network Calling minutes and SMS Messages to spend alongside your data each month. The main surface-level difference between Mobile Data and our LTE Data plans is that Mobile Data offers you higher quality data for use in your phone (or a router in some instances) since the cost is higher per gigabyte.

Q: Can I use the Mobile Data SIMs in my mobile device?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the Mobile Data SIMs in my LTE router?

A: Yes and no. We specify with which devices the SIM is compatible underneath every individual plan.

Q: Why is it more expensive than your LTE Data plans?

A: The coverage of Day Mobile LTE is vast and covers over 90% which is greater than a lot of our LTE products’ potential for coverage. It is a more premium, higher quality product that functions differently than LTE Data and costs more per gigabyte as a result.

Q: What speed will I get?

A: Again, there is no way to predict what your speed will be because your speeds are not going to be 100% consistent throughout the day let alone day-to-day, however, the quality and build of your device will help you to determine the highest speeds possible for you to get. Phones and Tablets that are 5G-compatible are naturally going to get better speeds than older, cheaper 3G phones. High-quality routers such as CAT6 routers are going to perform much better than, say, a cheap R500 pocket router. The area in which you live and its coverage as well as the weather, speed boosting accessories, and the physical obstacles for signal all can have an affect on your speed. As difficult as it can be to explain, the speed you get is inevitably going to be principally affected by the hardware you have, accessories, your location and its many variables, and smaller things such as how many devices you have around the router because signals on the same frequency can work against each other.

Q: Does the data carry over month-to-month?

A: No, the data expires on the last day of the month if not used up already and then resets on or around the first day of the next month. The longer data lasts, the more expensive it becomes — we try to keep it as inexpensive as possible within reason for you.

Q: What is Network roaming?

A: This is a feature exclusive to Telkom Mobile data products. Whereas our LTE Data plans are limited to their own networks (e.g. Telkom only allows you to get on Telkom’s Network, MTN Fixed LTE only allows you to get on MTN’s Fixed LTE’s network, etc.), Our mobile data plans’ SIMs can get on other networks with better coverage nationwide hence the higher percentage (estimated to be about 95%!) of the country being coverable under our Mobile data network.